Cultural Experiences

As one of the Three Pillars of the NCL, Inc. Experience, the Cultural Experiences pillar’s overall goal is to:

Cultivate values and traditions that shape the NCL, Inc. role and contribution in our communities.

We do this by distinguishing NCL, Inc.’s specific brand of traditions, values and community.

  1. Traditions – We celebrate the richness of our history through traditions that honor the past while serving the future. We do this in activities such as our Mother/Daughter Tea and Senior Recognition.  Our traditions also include honoring our history and celebrating our culture of leadership. All of these together help define who we are and how we sustain ourselves.
  1. Social Values – We embrace values which make us strong as an organization and as a community of leaders (both mothers and daughters).  Lessons in graciousness, for example are central to our core values.
  1. Community Connections – We build connections through experiences that shape and support our lives. We do this through our relationships: mothers and daughters, daughter to daughter, mother to mother, and through connections with our Philanthropies.


CE Jap Gard 2018

10th grade visit to the botanical gardens

The cultural events help us explore culture in our local communities.  These events which fall under the Cultural Experiences Pillar of NCL, Inc. are very intentional.  They are:

7th – Musical Theatre

8th – Theatre (non-musical)

9th – Music (choral or instrumental)

10th – Museum or gardens

11th – Art

12th – Dance